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From low cost budget brands to top quality specialist tyres, we provide a fast and efficient while you wait tyre fitting service that has no hidden charges and include:

  • New tyre & Fitting.
  • New rubber/tubeless valve.
  • Electronic wheel balancing (With hidden 'sticky' weights on alloys if required).
  • Environmentally friendly old tyre casing disposal.
  • Prices inc VAT.
We carry over 1000 Tyres in stock and can obtain any other tyre within 24 hrs **subject to availability**.

Why it's important to have your wheels aligned:

Misaligned wheels can increase tyre wear, which means you'll need to replace them sooner.
You can save yourself time and tyres by checking your alignment regularly.

More miles for your money

If your wheels are misaligned they have to work harder, which means your car will use more fuel.

Better handling

Misalignment may mean that your car pulls to one side, or feels unresponsive.
With total alignment, road shock is absorbed and your car will be easier to handle.

Safer driving

When we align your wheels, we'll also check the suspension system, which enables us to spot worn parts before they cause any costly problems.

As tyre experts, we think it's only right to share our in-depth experience with our customers. That's why we've collected a few tyre tips for you. By following the advice below, you'll find that your tyres will go much further, saving you time and money along the way.

  • Make sure your tyres are always at the correct pressure - refer to your car handbook for more information.
  • Check your tyres regularly for any obvious signs of under-inflation, wear, cuts and bulges in the sidewalls, plus remove any stones or other foreign objects trapped in the tread grooves.
  • Have the steering alignment checked if front tyres show signs of excessive or uneven wear.
  • Have front wheels and tyres balanced if there are signs of vibration, wheel wobble or patchy tyre wear.
  • Drive with consideration for your tyres by avoiding harsh braking, fierce acceleration and fast cornering.
If you're in doubt about your tyres, don't worry give us a call or pop in to see us and ask for your free, no-obligation tyre and pressure check.




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